Adult Education Allowance

The purpose of the adult education allowance is to support employees' and self-employed persons' voluntary vocational studies. To qualify for the allowance, the applicant must participate in studies leading to a degree, or in vocational further or continuation training organized by a Finnish educational institution under public supervision.

The applicant must live permanently in Finland, and his or her full-time employment relationship with the same employer or pension-insured entrepreneurship must have lasted for at least one year. The employment or entrepreneurship must continue throughout the adult education allowance period.

In addition, the applicant must have been employed by a Finnish employer or have worked as a self-employed person in Finland for at least eight years. 

To qualify for the full adult education allowance, the applicant must be on unpaid study leave of at least two months due to his or her studies. During the allowance period, the applicant can earn additional income no more than 250 euros per month.

Allowance can also be paid as adjusted adult education allowance to an applicant whose periods of study leave last less than two months or who studies part-time on the basis of a study leave agreement made with the employer. The absence from work due to studies must last a total of at least 43 days. The adjusted adult education allowance shall be applied for in retrospect each calendar month. The amount of allowance paid will be affected by the income earned during the month.

The maximum allowance period is 15 months.

The amount of the allowance is equal to the amount of the earnings-related unemployment allowance, without increases. The adult education allowance is taxable income.

Examples of the amount of allowance during unpaid study leave in 2016:


Salary/month                    Amount of allowance/month

EUR 1,600                                 EUR 1,073.32

EUR 1,800                                 EUR 1,159.18 

EUR 2,000                                 EUR 1,245.04 

EUR 2,300                                 EUR 1,373.83 

EUR 2,500                                 EUR 1,459.69 

EUR 2,800                                 EUR 1,588.48 

EUR 3,000                                 EUR 1,674.34 

EUR 3,500                                 EUR 1,888.99 

EUR 4,000                                 EUR  2,007.49

EUR 4,500                                 EUR 2,102.89 


You can calculate the amount of allowance in Finnish or in Swedish.

You can submit your application online in Finnish or in Swedish. You can also print an application form (in Finnish or in Swedish) for the adult education allowance.